Hot for Teaching

As September nears its end and school is back in full swing, now is the perfect time for hospitals and health systems to focus attention on professional development. While the “on-the-job” learning never stops in healthcare, structured leadership education often gets pushed off or even overlooked. Fortunately, the ALTIUS team is “hot for teaching” and offers organizations a variety of solutions for continuous instruction.

May the Productivity Be With You: How Hospitals Can Learn From Star Wars (Episode II)

In healthcare, productivity is crucial for managing labor costs and providing quality patient care. At ALTIUS, we offer benchmarking and operational improvement services to help hospitals work smarter, not harder. In Episode I of "May the Productivity be with You," we covered the importance of embracing technology and training your team, but what else can we learn from a galaxy far, far away? The Star Wars universe provides valuable insight into standardized processes and collaboration.

Productivity and Forecasting

Demand in healthcare, by nature, can be hard to predict. A fundamental part of care delivery is being prepared for the unexpected, whether that be the effects of a natural disaster, large-scale safety event, or global pandemic. However, that does not mean that daily staffing patterns and annual budgets should be buffered to accommodate the “what-ifs.

ALTIUS Answers Episode 2: Richard Mackey on AI in Healthcare

Automation in healthcare is a complicated subject. Most industry leaders are familiar with the benefits, but have strong reservations about the cost and execution. In the latest ALTIUS Answers podcast, CEO Stephanie Dorwart is joined by Richard Mackey, SVP of Information Technology at Intalere, to discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the advancements it is making in both the business and delivery of healthcare.

What is Productivity?

What is productivity? We are all familiar with this term, though some may choose to avoid it, but do we really know what it means? In this short video, ALTIUS CEO Stephanie Dorwart breaks down the concept of productivity by debunking many common misconceptions and explaining how it applies to the business of healthcare in today’s environment. She provides hospital leaders with an informative guide to keeping productivity and efficiency at the forefront of their management strategies in order to promote cost-savings and sustainability within their organizations. Watch now and let ALTIUS help elevate your knowledge about productivity! .

Boo! Scare Tactics that Backfire

Many healthcare leaders adopt a "tough love" approach when it comes to managing employee performance and expectations. This method may work well for some staff members, but not all will embrace the negativity it can create. Understanding your team and the styles they respond positively to is critical in realizing continued operational success and employee satisfaction.

Continuous Education

Summer is ending, and school is back in session. The age-old routine of alarm clocks and homework is in full swing once more. However, for working adults, does learning ever really stop? There is no break from the day to day responsibilities surrounding one’s career, especially for those professionals in the ever-changing healthcare industry.

Productivity: Not a Stranger Thing!

Productivity is a concept that has long been feared, like a dark shadow or something that goes bump in the night, and it is still a source of anxiety for many healthcare professionals. For most, their experience, or the tales of others’ experiences, with productivity have left them scarred. The popular Netflix show Stranger Things, set in the 1980's, is purposefully dated to elicit feelings of nostalgia among viewers and balance the suspense of its supernatural-thriller plot line.