Continuous Education

Summer is ending, and school is back in session. The age-old routine of alarm clocks and homework is in full swing once more. However, for working adults, does learning ever really stop? There is no break from the day to day responsibilities surrounding one’s career, especially for those professionals in the ever-changing healthcare industry. Of course, there are annual competencies and training requirements for nursing and other patient care positions, but in the current environment, emphasis on continued education applies to all titles and roles. It is critical to routinely expand knowledge and stay compliant for healthcare to be delivered effectively and hospitals to be profitable.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do just that! With today’s technology, information is readily available and always at our fingertips. Using this platform, professional organizations and industry experts have taken higher learning even further.

Digital Content: Webinars and resource videos on an array of topics are just a click away and are often accessible at no cost. There is no need to leave the comfort of your home or office and, in some cases, only 5 minutes may be required to participate.

Professional Events: There are now a plethora of conferences offered across the country for a wide variety of healthcare disciplines. They are being done on both large and small scales to meet the needs of more professionals. These conferences promote individual and organizational successes by providing credits toward meaningful certifications as well as the information pertinent to effective hospital operations. In addition to the physical materials gathered at each event, electronic files are supplied so that the useful content explored during the conference can be revisited and shared.

Enhanced Networking: Social media and online spaces such as LinkedIn have made it easier than ever for professionals to communicate and share ideas, both within and across industries. The atmosphere of constant sharing has opened the doors for continued learning, most often without us even being aware that it is happening! It has become vitally important to make online connections and learn from industry influencers to stay ahead of emerging trends.

The ALTIUS team continues to take advantage of all of these avenues for routine education, both as participants as well as instructors. We encourage our clients and colleagues to do the same. After all, knowledge is power! In that spirit, ALTIUS has exciting plans to expand our contributions to this forum going forward. To learn more, please reach out directly!

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