The Fear of Productivity?

Any healthcare consultant that focuses on productivity will tell you the unfortunate look received when sharing that your job is to improve performance. There is the obligatory head nod paired with the uncomfortable question “so, you fire people?” At that very instant, your body tenses, and you feel the need to defend the work that you do and the value that increased efficiency brings to hospitals and health systems. But why do we fear the word productivity and/or the reaction to it? Historically speaking, productivity was synonymously linked to a reduction in force, otherwise known as a layoff.

Improving Physician Practice Efficiency

When it comes to their health, the general public tends to put a great deal of trust in their local hospitals, doctors, surgeons, and medical staff. Why shouldn’t they? After all, they are highly educated, well-trained professionals that have gone through many years of schooling and hands-on experience to hone their unique set of skills. Hospitals and health systems worldwide are saving more lives than it was ever thought possible.