Catalyst Client Portal

Catalyst the ALTIUS online client portal, provides users with instant access to the resources needed to effect positive change. Healthcare leaders now have the data and tools to improve productivity and optimize their workforce, allowing them to successfully manage day-to-day staffing needs, review volume and efficiency trends, connect with other leaders, and evaluate future needs. Catalyst supports critical decision making when it comes to labor and hospital operations, promoting sustainable results through structured monitoring and greater management accountability.

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Catalyst Features


Manage data and customize reports within the portal or export to excel


Populate staffing grids, daily monitoring tools, and forecasting applications for advanced productivity management


Post questions and participate in discussions related to industry best practices


Access educational materials and receive updates on trending healthcare topics


Organize goals through a 30/60/90-day platform

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Dive deeper into your productivity data! Organize statistics, review trends, and plan for future staffing needs according to your unique management style.


Performance at-a-glance! Evaluate current operations against comparative benchmarks and targets to determine the volume and/or staffing adjustments needed to reach your goals.


Productivity and performance improvement is a process! View data trends to recognize the immediate and long-term impacts of efforts to enhance operations.


Educate and elevate through the Learning Center! Participate in peer-to-peer discussions, stay up-to-date on industry best practices, and join in for live events.

The Perfect Pair

Catalyst provides a user-friendly platform for outlining, implementing, and tracking data-driven improvement strategies. Realizing increased efficiency and operational advancement has never been so easy with the appropriate tools at your fingertips. Catalyst is the perfect productivity partner to the ALTIUS ION Efficiency Reports for managing performance and achieving goals.

ION Efficiency Reports