ALTIUS Answers Episode 2: Richard Mackey on AI in Healthcare

Automation in healthcare is a complicated subject. Most industry leaders are familiar with the benefits, but have strong reservations about the cost and execution. In the latest ALTIUS Answers podcast, CEO Stephanie Dorwart is joined by Richard Mackey, SVP of Information Technology at Intalere, to discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the advancements it is making in both the business and delivery of healthcare.

Mr. Mackey’s AI expertise stems from an extensive background in pharmaceuticals, life sciences, supply chain, and IT. In his current role with Intalere, Richard is bringing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to hospitals and health systems nationwide as an answer to the opportunities that exist due to the manual processes that continue to hold these organizations back.

While the healthcare industry has been labeled as “risk-adverse” when it comes to enhancements in technology, it seems that most leaders are embracing AI and the impact it is having on improving patient experience, elevating employee satisfaction, providing better care, and streamlining overall management. Through technology champions like Mr. Mackey, more and more hospitals are realizing that, regardless of size or situation, these solutions are accessible and affordable. Listen to the podcast now to learn more!


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