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As September nears its end and school is back in full swing, now is the perfect time for hospitals and health systems to focus attention on professional development. While the “on-the-job” learning never stops in healthcare, structured leadership education often gets pushed off or even overlooked. Fortunately, the ALTIUS team is “hot for teaching” and offers organizations a variety of solutions for continuous instruction.

  • ALTIUS Advanced Leadership

According to a recent study, 85% of CEOs are promoted from within. With that figure in mind, it is safe to assume that the majority of healthcare executives follow a similar career advancement path. If hospital and health system leaders are coming up through the ranks, shouldn’t education be a top priority at all levels of management?

Our approach to Advanced Leadership development includes monthly group education sessions on key topics, one-on-one coaching, and “best practice” solutions for achieving optimum performance. We design content to promote the personal and professional growth of all leaders, educating on how to manage the business of healthcare through the lens of financial and operational excellence.

In addition, we provide relevant analytics to back improvement strategies with the necessary data for successful implementation and for monitoring progress towards goals. ALTIUS’ Advanced Leadership services are rounded out with next-level consulting support by our team of industry experts to give leaders an external perspective to augment decision-making.

  • Virtual Training Academy

Last year, the average staff turnover rate across all job categories in U.S. hospitals was at 22.7%. Though this was a 3.2% improvement from the previous year, competition, burnout, and retirements are still causing retention challenges.

In order to foster greater employee engagement and job satisfaction, healthcare organizations need to develop strong management teams; realizing potential and cultivating the necessary skills through continuous education.

Another way that ALTIUS educates and elevates healthcare leaders is through our Virtual Training Academy (VTA). This online training platform combines the fundamentals of effective management with specific coursework focused on enhanced healthcare operations. Through short, informative segments covering a wide-array of relevant topics, both new and tenured leaders can build critical skills, expand management strategies, and better manage their workforce. The VTA gives leaders the knowledge and tools necessary to make a lasting impact.

Education is the foundation of all ALTIUS services. We believe that healthy work environments, increased employee and patient satisfaction, improved morale, and better outcomes all stem from strong leaders. Our team supports organizations in regularly evaluating and expanding available programs to keep leaders at the forefront of healthcare trends, empowering them with meaningful data to drive their decision-making and providing them with the proper tools to enforce accountability. That is why our team has it bad, bad, bad; we’re hot for teaching! To learn more about our services and partner with us, reach out directly at [email protected] or visit our website at

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