ION Efficiency Reports

As healthcare organizations navigate through the ongoing processes of workforce optimization and productivity improvement, a critical element to success is routine monitoring. The ION Efficiency Reports offer clients a comprehensive, bi-weekly system that trends key data, providing leaders with concise reporting that details current performance and progress towards established goals. This continuous and inclusive evaluation of operations allows for educated, appropriate, and effective decision making.

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Tracking Efficiency & Performance

The ION Efficiency Reports enable users to view actual and desired performance through a variable lens, focusing on proper resource/volume alignment as operations shift. In a single, easy-to-read dashboard, healthcare leaders have comparative benchmarks, budget, trend, and premium hours data readily available to determine impact and course correct when necessary. Monitoring performance on a consistent basis maintains a leader’s commitment to long-term improvement and ensures that there is strong accountability around the organization’s operational, financial, and strategic goals.

ION Report Features:


Actual performance in terms of hours per unit of service


The percentage of the target or goal being achieved


The impact of overtime and agency/contract hours on performance


Performance against customized benchmarks


Changes in staffing, volume, and overall performance over time

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