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Month: June 2018

Management’s Role in Improving Quality and Producing Safer Outcomes in Healthcare

With today’s advanced technologies, healthcare providers have saved more lives than ever thought possible. Miracles are happening every day. State-of-the-art equipment currently available certainly plays a role, but these miracles are due mainly to the outstanding teams of medical professionals who utilize these resources to make improved healthcare outcomes a reality. The outcome is the…
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Conducting a Physician Practice Review

One of the important activities conducted by healthcare providers is a thorough performance review of physician practices. Healthcare organizations and their leaders, along with physicians should understand the importance of these reviews and how consumers rely on this information when making their healthcare buying choices. As the number of newly insured patients enter the marketplace for…
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Bridging a Gap in Healthcare Leadership with Interim Management

In the healthcare industry, it is important to have access to the strongest leadership model possible. With all the changes that have taken place even in the last five years alone, medical institutions have had to deal with the disruption of existing models across both the public and private sectors. Unfortunately, the trickiest step to…
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Improving Quality and Producing Safer Outcomes in Healthcare

When it comes to the healthcare industry, the general public tends to put quite a lot of trust in their local hospitals, doctors, surgeons and medical staff. And why shouldn’t they? After all, it takes many years of schooling and dedicated practice for one to acquire any degree or licensure pertaining to medical care. With…
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Choosing the Right Healthcare Management Consulting Services

Effective healthcare practice relies on strong management. There is no way around it. Without strong leadership driving your organization forward, even the simplest processes can seem daunting. Hospitals, health systems, post-acute providers, insurers and other medical professionals routinely look to consultants to help strengthen their organizational leadership. However, with no shortage of healthcare management consultants…
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Are you overdue on healthcare benchmarking?

Global healthcare quality has been steadily improving over the past decade. While a lot of the improvement can be attributed to ever-evolving healthcare technology, competition among healthcare organizations has also had an immense impact. Nowadays, most healthcare organizations have quality improvement (QI) teams dedicated to identifying opportunities to enhance clinical performance in order to meet…
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