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Our philosophy is to provide exceptional consulting services that challenge complacency with innovative practices and tools that encourage revitalization and sustainability. ALTIUS interacts with a diverse group of healthcare organizations, giving our team a broader perspective that enhances our Performance Improvement services. Our process does not occur in a vacuum. Each unique aspect of our client’s operations is taken into consideration with every customized solution. The result: organization-wide performance that is at its peak!



In healthcare, much the same as in all other business, labor costs contribute to the largest portion of annual expenditures. Our productivity and benchmarking services enable clients to do just that.

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Financial Turnaround

By recognizing and capitalizing on the existing strengths, clients can forge creative, collaborative, high-performing, and enviable workplaces.

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Organizational Assessment

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When it comes to caring for a patient, checking vital signs is always the first step. This information helps providers establish health status and gauge the severity of a patient’s current condition by making comparisons to acceptable norms. The business of healthcare is no different. It is critical for hospitals and healthcare organizations to routinely track their performance against specific global indicators to ensure financial viability and future sustainability. Have you checked the “vitals” of your organization recently?