Are Patients being ‘Taken for a Ride?’

The evolution of healthcare continues and now it’s patient transportation that is being given a spin! With the introduction of Uber Health and Lyft for Healthcare, hospitals are using available technology to change both the ride as well as the destination. These services offer many benefits and present forward-thinking care delivery concepts that are being adopted across the industry. However, there are still the naysayers out there who continue to push back against the non-traditional.

How many FTEs do you need?

With personnel expense making up more than half of the total operating expense of most hospitals and health systems, understanding how many FTEs your organization actually needs to run efficiently is a priority. A Full-Time Equivalent, or FTE, is the sum of all worked or paid hours divided by the total hours in a pay period. For most organizations, that’s 80 hours per pay or 2080 hours per year.