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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Healthcare organizations that actively support Leadership Development produce an elevated management team, ensuring future success. Advanced, well-rounded leaders approach situations objectively, drive transformation, and continuously promote the organization’s mission and vision. Empowering leaders requires meaningful data, commitment from executives, and most importantly, forward-thinking knowledge of operational, strategic, and financial objectives.

Healthcare leaders are continuously faced with balancing the ever-changing industry pressures against their individual professional development. Having the proper tools and resources available to effectively gain this stability will positively impact all aspects of department operations including quality and employee engagement. 

Strong and supported leaders will:

  • Strengthen financial performance
  • Attract and retain the right employees
  • Implement change and drive transformation
  • Decrease negative behaviors and build morale
  • Be a brand ambassador of your organization 

Now is the time to partner with ALTIUS and to evolve your leadership team! Our innovative development services focus on the responsibilities of healthcare leaders to: 

  • The fiscal viability and operational proficiency of the organizations they serve
  • The personal and professional growth of the staff they manage
  • The effective and efficient use of the resources available
  • The safety and well-being of the patients given care

Through ALTIUS Advanced: Leadership Development, healthcare leadership will benefit from:

  • Monthly group education sessions focused on key topics that impact all departments such as:
    • Becoming the CEO, CFO, and Operational Leader of Your Department
    • Goal Setting
    • Eliminating Waste
    • Succession Planning
    • Driving Transformation
    • Culture and Accountability 
    • Recruitment and Retention
  • One-on-one coaching sessions with the ALTIUS team of industry experts 
    • Based on areas of opportunity and following a timeline that coincides with strategic and financial initiatives 
    • Includes in-depth planning sessions to identify next steps towards supporting larger organizational goals
    • Focuses on elevating leaders to gain confidence in decision making and implementing change
  • Enhanced consulting services through the continued support of the ALTIUS team
    • Updated analytics based on changes to departmental operations and/or structure
    • Peer contact facilitation for meaningful discussion and/or strategy brainstorming
    • Industry “best practices” for achieving optimum performance