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In healthcare, much the same as in all other business, labor costs contribute to the largest portion of annual expenditures. Therefore, we at Altius believe it is critically important to not only routinely monitor this disbursement, but also to appropriately manage it. Our productivity and benchmarking services enable clients to do just that. We provide hospitals and healthcare systems with the tools necessary to properly align staff with changing patient volumes. Our proven process is focused on the successful evolution of healthcare organizations, providing highly effective means to controlling costs while enhancing the overall patient care experience.

Assessing Status

As the popular saying goes, “time is money” and healthcare leaders know that waste can be extremely damaging to an organization’s bottom line. It is possible to run efficiently and still deliver quality care and a high level of patient/employee satisfaction. Assessing the status of your hospital or healthcare system is the first place to start. Our benchmarking process compares the current operating level of your organization to national, regional, and state standards as well as best in class facilities within a customized peer group. The Altius team of experienced and specialized consultants collaborates with the management team to conduct individual department assessments and obtain qualitative information on non-traditional practices and barriers to productivity. This data drives the development of realistic benchmarks, achievable targets, and detailed improvement recommendations for every functional area.

Optimizing Processes

It is no secret that the successful operation of any business requires a great deal of effort. Working smarter and not harder, however, is the key to longevity. Our operational improvement services are designed to break convention by helping hospitals and healthcare systems work the way that they should, not the way they have been. Altius focuses on enhancing existing policies, practices, and procedures with the goal of reducing costs and capitalizing on potential. We partner with leadership to prioritize existing opportunities and develop achievable action plans so that the desired outcomes are realized.

Sustaining Results

Often the most minor adjustments have the most significant impact. Whether addressing expenditures, correcting revenue cycle flaws, or identifying staffing improvement opportunities, it is critical to track progress and ensure that the strategies put in place are maintained. Altius provides the innovative reporting and tools necessary to promote successful change management. They are designed to keep performance goals at the forefront of decision-making and align operations with both patient demand and fiscal positioning. Through bi-weekly productivity reports, Key Performance Indicator dashboards, and a revamped client portal, Altius provides leadership with the means to better manage the business of healthcare.