Why use consultants?

As the saying goes, “asking for help doesn’t mean that you are weak, it means that you are wise.” Recognizing your organization’s strengths and knowing when an outside perspective is needed to drive greater levels of performance is the forward-thinking attitude that successful healthcare leaders embody. While sourcing the support of a consulting team isn’t always the most “popular” approach, it can be the most effective.

  • The following are three specific reasons that make the use of consultants a worthwhile investment:
    Expertise: The specific skills and vast knowledge of consultants allow them to provide services that are both tailored to the needs of the hospital or health system and current with industry standards/trends. Though many leaders feel that their own staff possesses the know-how to craft and implement meaningful improvement initiatives, consultants have the necessary tools at their disposal to effect and sustain positive change.
  • Time: It is not uncommon for healthcare professionals to feel that they are being pulled in many different directions at once and do not have the proper time to dedicate to all of their tasked duties. Performance improvement is often pushed to the “back burner” as the functions that support patient care take precedence. Consultants know that the health of an organization is just as important as that of its patient population. Therefore, their sole purpose is to develop and execute projects aimed at achieving the outlined goals in the timeliest manner.
  • Message: Every healthcare executive welcomes the opportunity to deliver good news or praise the efforts of their staff. When it comes to communicating the “tough love,” however, having outside professionals to rely on to convey the right message can be a heavy weight lifted. Consultants have the ability to evoke accountability and positive change in a tactful way that reflects the unique culture of the organization.

The next time your organization is strategizing on a new initiative, ask yourself do you have the expertise and the time to successfully implement this project? What is the right method to effectively deliver the proper messaging? You may find that an outside expert might be exactly the answer your organization needs.

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