The Productivity Party – Part One!

During the summer months, there is a lot to celebrate. Whether the gathering is to recognize an achievement, a milestone, or simply to share a bit of comradery, parties, like productivity, bring people together. This year, while you are toasting a birthday, the great weather, or just spending time with family and friends, consider serving up one of the ALTIUS team’s productivity-approved cocktails/mocktails!

Refreshing and bold, this zesty party staple has a long history, likely dating back to the 1930s, when there were no bottled mixes or blenders. While the exact origins of the drink are shrouded in mystery and folklore, the recipe is clear: tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. The salt rim garnish serves to enhance flavor, giving balance to the Margarita’s tart, warm, and sweet composition. Over the years the Margarita has come a long way and has grown in popularity, gracing the menus of most bars and restaurants along with its fun, refreshing, non-alcoholic counterparts.

Similar to the Margarita, the roots of Productivity in healthcare do not follow a distinct lineage. It has evolved over time, becoming an increasingly more common approach to performance improvement. Though there are many current iterations and applications, the end product is the same; balanced operations. Productivity promotes the proper alignment of staff with volume in all measurable areas to maximize efficiency and minimize cost. Including the tried-and-true Margarita as a summer party cocktail/mocktail staple will not only satisfy your guests, but will imbue your menu with the stability the effective “mix” that Productivity brings to hospitals.

Martini OR Espresso Martini Mocktail
A drink menu classic, the Martini is known for its ease and sophistication. Made with either gin or vodka, it is a relatively simple cocktail that speaks to class and professionalism. This drink is also known to spark creativity and a forward-thinking attitude as evidenced by the variety of alternative versions, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, it has inspired.

Productivity, much like a Martini, is a timeless solution to resource management. Efficiency is the hallmark of this pair, both supporting the notion that it does not take a lot to have a strong impact. The drink’s streamlined ingredients are much like having the right staff to perform the right tasks for a positive outcome. Serving a classic Martini or fun Espresso Martini Mocktail at your summer gathering will reinforce the concept that simplicity and minimalism can be more effective than excessive or elaborate styles all while providing you and your guests with a delicious libation to sip on!

Mimosa OR Sunrise Grapefruit Mocktail
Mimosas are one of the simplest, most refreshing cocktails you can make. A common brunch menu item, this light, fresh, and festive drink is perfect for any holiday gathering or a lazy weekend morning. The best Mimosa ratio is equal parts sparkling wine and orange juice. However, the Sunrise Grapefruit Mocktail can also serve as a bright-flavor, fun substitute. Mimosas are great when prepared individually or when batched for a group, making them a versatile option for any summer party.

Productivity, in the plainest terms, is an equal parts ratio of hours to volume just like the Mimosa’s ingredients. Understanding the relationship between the staff hours being utilized and service demand is vital to promoting more efficient operations. Healthcare leaders can determine current performance by reviewing Productivity ratio trends and use them to identify opportunities for improvement. As with the Mimosa, Productivity can be measured for an individual department as well as for the entire organization. When crafting any cocktail for your guests, ratio is important to getting it right; the Mimosa and Productivity make it easy to please by streamlining the ingredients and keeping the ratio balanced.

Whether you indulge in one of our inspired cocktail/mocktail choices or partake in a favorite drink of your own, we hope this menu encourages you to “serve up” some productivity in your organization this summer! Join us in raising a glass to improved performance and cheers to continued cost savings!!

ALTIUS offers healthcare organizations the reporting, tools, and support necessary to effectively manage productivity and realize lasting change. To learn more or partner with us, contact us here!

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