The ALTIUS Guide to Drafting Your Fantasy Team

It’s that time of year again! The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing, and football season has officially begun. In the spirit of the ever-popular Fantasy leagues, ALTIUS is kicking off a new series of effective tips to help healthcare leaders “draft” the most capable teams.

“Who’s on your bench?” That’s the first topic we will tackle! Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your current staff as well as having a “game plan” for any anticipated vacancies is crucial to sustained efficiency.

ALTIUS Draft Tip #1: Implement prospective hiring practices

  • Utilize your historical turnover rates and the current position control list (including open positions) to determine future staffing needs
  • Take into account volume trends and performance standards to maintain staff alignment
  • Consistently re-evaluate and adjust staffing needs/open positions as required
  • Remember to take orientation/training time into consideration when forecasting staffing needs and defining the hiring timeline

ALTIUS Draft Tip #2: Establish well-defined succession plans

  • Be pro-active
    • Anticipate forthcoming medical leaves, maternity leaves, and retirements so replacements can be recruited well in advance and eliminate the need for excessive overtime or agency staff to temporarily fill positions
    • Understand how long it takes your organization to hire new staff and create a timely recruitment process involving department level managers as well as designated HR staff
  • Make sure your succession plans:
    • Allow for growth from within the organization
      • Identifies emerging talent that can transition into leadership roles, ensuring the retention of strong performers
    • Convey your commitment to mentoring, developing, and educating your employees
      • Remember, as a leader you are also a coach!

ALTIUS Draft Tip #3: Build a Flexible Workforce

  • Evaluate the current proportion of full-time, part-time, and per diem staff. Identify recruitment opportunities that create a better balance, provide appropriate coverage, and ensure scheduling flexibility
  • Continuously educate and develop your staff to expand their individual skill sets and prepare them for elevated roles within the organization
    • There is no “I” in team and no room for siloed positions! Cross-training is necessary in today’s environment for supporting efficient operations and retaining staff
  • Communicate often with staff, sharing feedback and offering support. This will help to fortify the “team” environment by creating space for collaboration and establishing expectations

Stay tuned for our next installment where we will discuss the best tactics for recruiting your “top draft picks” In the meantime, to learn more about our services, reach out directly here.

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