ALTIUS Answers: Interview with Joshua Budz

ALTIUS is rounding out our ALTIUS Answer/Asks interview series with the fourth and final installment. In this last segment, an ALTIUS Answers discussion with Account Manager Josh Budz, we explore the importance of healthcare leaders having timely, meaningful data to drive decision-making.

  • The ALTIUS ION Efficiency Reports are a bi-weekly tool that monitors both departmental and organizational performance against customized benchmarks and established targets. What features of this system make it stand apart from competing report models?
    1. Looking at an individual pay can often be misleading. Throughout the year, pay periods contain holidays, high vacation time or even just off weeks where volume is low. One thing that separates the ION Efficiency Reports from our competitors is our 13-pay trend chart and graph. This allows our clients to view the data in a broader scope and not react to one timeframe, but rather respond when FTEs/Volume start to trend one way or another.
  • How does Catalyst, the ALTIUS online client portal, integrate with the ION Efficiency Reports? What “value-add” does the portal provide to clients?
    1. Catalyst allows leaders to view their data beyond the 13-pay trend. We are able to warehouse historical data back to the beginning of an engagement. This expands the trending and provides context to how departments have grown over the years. Furthermore, all of this data can be exported into excel for easy manipulation/custom reporting.
  • What benefits do clients gain from having an ALTIUS Account Manager?
    1. We are always here to help our clients with any questions/concerns they may have about their reports. For the most part, these questions are addressed the same day and are resolved on the spot, whether they require further management education or target/analysis updates. 
  • Are there any upcoming features to either the ION Efficiency reports, the Catalyst portal, or both? 
    1. The intention for the ION Efficiency Reports is to make a “bunch of numbers” easy to read and understand so that the data can be effective in guiding management strategies. We have developed a new format that expands on some areas and simplifies how targets/benchmarks are viewed. In addition, we are working on executing daily reporting through Catalyst, which will empower leaders to make real-time decisions. 

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