The “Lucky Charms” of Leadership

The recent challenges to and changes in the delivery of healthcare have spotlighted the demand for more enhanced leadership development moving forward. Throughout the pandemic, staff have displayed their resilience and ability to adapt, made possible by the innovative leaders that guided organizations through recovery towards stability without any predetermined path. This “trial by fire” approach was necessary given the unprecedented situation at hand, but has, in hindsight, proven the value of certain traits that need to be cultivated in future leaders.

These “leadership lucky charms,” as compared to the components of the beloved children’s cereal, will ensure healthy work environments, efficient operations, enhanced employee engagement, and overall success when consistently fostered. They include:

  • Heart – a leader must have compassion and empathize with staff in order to create a healthy. successful work environment
  • Clover – leaders need to rely on solid data to drive decision-making, not luck or guesswork
  • Star – strong leaders routinely recognize and reward the contributions of exceptional employees
  • Horseshoe – leaders should not tread lightly, but manage with confidence and “hit the ground running” with improvement strategies that will better both the patient and employee experience
  • Moon – savvy leaders manage the night and off-shifts with the same care and precision as the day shifts, routinely evaluating on-call practices, volumes, and staffing to ensure efficiency
  • Unicorn – effective leaders set realistic and achievable targets, casting aside elusive performance objectives to realize success one step at a time
  • Rainbow – cost savings can be the reward for well-defined management strategies that have a lasting impact, providing leaders with the resources needed to continually invest back into the staff and organization
  • Balloon – leaders need to be grounded with their operational and financial improvement ambitions, avoiding “lofty” goals and tethering strategies to the skills and expertise of their staff

ALTIUS believes that healthcare organizations that actively support Leadership Development produce an elevated management team, ensuring future success. Advanced, well-rounded leaders approach situations objectively, drive transformation, and continuously promote the organization’s mission and vision. Now is the time to partner with ALTIUS and to evolve your leadership team!

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