Incorporating Social Determinants of Health in 2022

Being such a dynamic industry by nature, healthcare will continue to change and evolve in the new year. One of the main areas that experts are predicting a noticeable shift is in the deliberate and more extensive integration of social determinants of health (SDOH) into all facets of operations from registration through discharge planning.

Value-based administration will become more commonplace in 2022 as staff, clinicians, and patients alike are incentivized to discuss and document SDOH as a routine part of each healthcare encounter. Similar to other value-based contracts, the goal is to engage everyone that participates in each patient experience and reinforce the responsibility they have to successful outcomes. This revamped approach to leadership and care delivery will extend to traditional site-based, virtual in-home, and community healthcare settings to promote cohesion and collaboration between all services, medical and non-medical.

Furthering the SDOH presence, hospitals and health systems will begin to evaluate and expand their social programs to directly address specific needs or gaps identified including transportation, education, and employment. As with all operational improvement initiatives, communication to and the involvement of stakeholders will be critical in creating a positive impact. Partnering with community organizations as well as gaining input from a variety of resources will strengthen program utilization and reach.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light a number of development opportunities in healthcare with the correction of care delivery disparities at the forefront. Equal access to resources and treatment is imperative and the inclusion of SDOH will help target the right strategies to address these inequalities. Value-based administration will help to strengthen organizations and make SDOH a consistent part of health management.

ALTIUS strives to provide the data, tools, and education necessary to enhance performance and advance leadership development in hospitals and health systems. In collaboration with our clients, the ALTIUS team has worked to improve efficiency and achieve meaningful change. We look forward to supporting these new strategic endeavors and to offering forward-thinking solutions for incorporating SDOH-driven practices.

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