ALTIUS v. the Competiton

While October is synonymous with all things Halloween, we often forget that it is also a great month for a little healthy competition! Both college and NFL football are underway, the NHL kicks off its new season, and the excitement of the MLB playoffs keeps fans on the edge of their seats. As a firm based in the great sports town of Pittsburgh, PA, ALTIUS understands the value of competition; “it is through it we discover what we are capable of and how much more we can actually do than we ever thought possible.”

Our team believes that competition can be the greatest motivation for positive change, both for ourselves and our clients. It is in that spirit, that we embrace the challenges associated and spotlight some of the many advantages that have resulted!

Here are a few ways ALTIUS stands out from our competitors:

  • ALTIUS provides a collaborative approach, establishing a partnership with all levels of client leadership to achieve goals and sustain success
  • Our customized Performance Improvement and Workforce Optimization solutions account for the individual culture, care delivery models and unique operations that are specific to each client
  • We provide strong, external performance comparisons and expert recommendations to guide decision-making and drive change
  • ALTIUS offers a comprehensive assessment of performance across the entire organization, global as well as department-level, to identify all possible improvement opportunities
  • The foundation of our services is education; we integrate continued training into all of our projects to ensure that both new and tenured management have the knowledge needed to be the most effective in their roles
  • ALTIUS works directly with client leadership to establish realistic operational and financial goals that are achievable, but not disruptive
  • Our process incorporates both qualitative and quantitative analyses, capturing both the intangible elements of daily operations along with those that are data-driven
  • The ALTIUS team provides ongoing support, offering continuous leadership development through one-on-one coaching, group education sessions, and our Virtual Training Academy
  • ALTIUS delivers an array of innovative reports and tools, including Catalyst, our online client portal, that give organizations the information necessary to operate effectively and efficiently
  • ALTIUS produces results! Clients that partner with us typically realize a 17:1 return on their investment in the first 12-months, with sustained cost-savings year over year

The ALTIUS team’s extensive experience in workforce optimization, management education, and performance improvement furnishes clients with a fresh perspective and brings best practice strategies to their organizations. As the great Bela Karolyi once said, “no competition, no progress.” Therefore, we are always striving to enhance our processes and suite of services to better meet the changing needs hospitals and health systems nationwide.

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