ALTIUS Answers: Interview with ALTIUS VP of Business Intelligence, Brian Krugle

ALTIUS is back with another installment of our ALTIUS Answer/Asks interview series. We decided to pivot this month and provide insight into the technical side of our services/tools through an ALTIUS Answers interview with our VP of Business Intelligence Services, Brian Krugle.

  1. With the various EHR systems used across the industry, how does ALTIUS approach data submission so that it is not a burdensome task for clients?
    1. As efficiency and workforce optimization experts, we do whatever is needed to make data submission as quick and seamless as possible for our clients. The organizations we partner with vary in size, IS staff, technology, and automation capabilities. This results in multiple mechanisms for data submission, ranging from a simple email submission to an automated feed to our SFTP. Regardless of preference or ability, ALTIUS works with our clients for strong data integrity, timely submission, and confidence in the output.
  1. ALTIUS offers access to Catalyst, an online client portal and data repository. What would you say are the most popular features and how does this format make productivity management more user-friendly?
    1. Since our relaunch, the most popular feature of Catalyst would be the dashboard. It gives users up-front access to their most important productivity stats without having to go in search of key data. If a user wants a deeper dive, they can go to the productivity grid to get a detailed view of all of their information, broken down by department and pay period. They also have the option to download PDF reports and export customized queries to Excel.
    2. Having the ability to have all of your productivity information available at any time and on any device makes it easier for our users to make performance improvement decisions and be able to better forecast for what is coming.
  1. ALTIUS recently launched the Virtual Training Academy (VTA), an online leadership development platform. What makes this service “cutting-edge” from a technical standpoint and which devices are compliant for access?
    1. The VTA is the product of over 12 months of hard work by many of the ALTIUS staff. The VTA gives our client leaders the ability to further their education and development at their own pace, no matter the device or location. From the pre-defined certificate tracks to the short content-specific sessions, users can access available segments for everything from basic productivity training to how to become the ‘CEO of your Department.’
    2. The best part about the VTA is that it is not platform-dependent so anyone can access the training sessions from any device, at any time, in any location – all you need is an account for the VTA and a connection to the Internet.
    3. In addition to the 120+ segments currently available, subscribers will have access to routine live group sessions, providing them the opportunity to network with leaders across the country and get real-time feedback on topics relevant to their areas of focus.
  2. ATLIUS prides itself on a comprehensive and customized approach. How are available reports and tools tailored to each individual organization? How is data gathering automated to minimize additional work for client leadership?
    1. Our team determines which information is most important to each client and customizes our bi-weekly ION Efficiency Reports to reflect that data so they are useful to leaders. We even develop need-driven, client-specific reports based on the data that is fed to Catalyst, ensuring that all users can effectively maximize use of the information and tools made available to them to promote meaningful change within their organizations.
    2. The ALTIUS staff works with each organization, starting with our initial data request and continuing throughout our partnership, to make sure that we are able to acquire the necessary data from whatever systems are in use with minimum effort from the client-side. Once we set up the primary data feed, there is rarely a need to go back and change what is being submitted and how it is delivered to our team.

Join us next month for the third ALTIUS Answers/Asks segment when our team circles back to our discussion with a seasoned healthcare executive and nurse educator to break down challenges in the current environment! In the meantime, to learn more about our services, reach out directly here or visit our website today!

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