Bridging a Gap in Healthcare Leadership with Interim Management

In the healthcare industry, it is important to have access to the strongest leadership model possible. With all the changes that have taken place even in the last five years alone, medical institutions have had to deal with the disruption of existing models across both the public and private sectors.

Unfortunately, the trickiest step to success often involves change of an equally radical type: administrative changes are increasingly common making the market for the most qualified leaders more difficult than ever to navigate. By taking advantage of healthcare consulting firms to streamline the process of organizational change, hospitals and health systems can adapt and improve faster than ever before. If that sounds too good to be true, here are a few reasons to employ the use of such firms in making leadership adjustments.

Interim Management is Faster than Older Search Models

The introduction of new leadership means the introduction of new management styles. The margin of error at the highest level is much smaller; therefore, it can be risky to place such a decision in the hands of a human resources team or an detached board of directors.

Many organizations rely on healthcare management consulting firms to identify and place executive leadership because the people and networks that these firms already have experience with have a track record of success. Consulting groups can quickly select an appropriate candidate based on the specific needs and goals of the hospital or health system, significantly reducing the time and effort required to conduct a thorough search. Meanwhile, existing resources can be dedicated to other important operational functions with little delay or disruption.

Using Interim Management Can Help Create Long-Term Organizational Change

As previously mentioned, consulting firms do not simply work with individuals but networks of individuals. If a serious overhaul of an institution’s business model needs to be made, a single change in management will likely be insufficient. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on the bigger picture when promoting change and not just on a single candidate or position.

Healthcare management firms work in two ways: the first is to help provide interim leadership to fill the void caused by a significant departure. If this is all that is required, the work ends there. However, more often than not, the need for change is precipitated by something greater which requires further support. In these instances, healthcare management companies are able to take advantage of their large networks to create a team that can spearhead a transition from an older leadership model to a newer one. This makes it easier for all management, both interim and employed, to fully implement long-term solutions to improve growth and profitability.

Why Professional Management Services Can Help Fill Gaps which Human Resources Often Can’t

Finally, the reality is that Human Resources professionals in healthcare facilities often take months to fill a leadership position because recruiting for such roles is not their sole responsibility or expertise. Given the sensitivity and importance of selecting qualified executives, employing a healthcare management consulting firm that has the experience and candidate pool necessary to quickly bridge a leadership gap is the intelligent choice that many organizations make.  By tapping into a network of existing industry leaders, the problem of “finding the right person” is solved even if the institution chooses to use its own internal hiring processes. Often, temporary administrators end up becoming permanent administrators and with the help of a capable consulting firm, the transition is smooth overall.

Questions You Should Be Asking Healthcare Consulting Firms

Ultimately, healthcare leaders need to ask the basic questions of what their goals are for their organization when working with a consulting firm. Are you just looking to fill a void in leadership for an otherwise successful system? Did the current leadership fail due to deeper systemic problems? Are you looking to make a difference in how you provide services to your patients? Are you looking for short-term or long-term change? The answers to these questions will help to determine exactly how a healthcare consulting company can help your institution, no matter the scale of the change required.

Placing the management of your hospital or health system in the hands of a stranger is never an easy decision. Discover for yourself how ALTIUS can elevate your healthcare management solutions and contact us today.

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