The Customer Always Comes First

The value of great customer service transcends industries from retail to foodservice and everything in between. Most organizations rely heavily on reputation to drive revenue. Effective public interactions, media exposure, marketing strategies, and word-of-mouth communication are barometers from which customer satisfaction can be measured for any business. The same is true in healthcare. Having a patient become a loyal consumer, returning time and time again for care, or being willing to recommend services to friends and family members is the ultimate goal for any hospital or health system. By continuously working on improving care delivery, healthcare organizations can not only gain operating efficiencies but build strong customer relationships and solidify a reliable revenue stream.

Even though medical services are directly provided by a clinician and their support staff, management plays a pivotal role in the healthcare experience. Hospital leaders receive and evaluate all patient feedback and break it down into structural data. They not only have the responsibility of maintaining and balancing the care environment, but they have to translate the impact of current operations into critical financial decisions. It is also the duty of healthcare leaders to get the hospital staff involved whenever necessary, keep them motivated to achieve the goals outlined by the organization, and ensure that great service is being provided in a cost-effective manner. Given the dynamic environment of healthcare, this is not always an easy task. Strong leaders are required to develop realistic and achievable strategies for both improved fiscal and quality performance.

Here are a few pointers that you should consider when developing a more customer-centric approach to your operations:

  • Remember…you never have a chance to make a first impression! Be mindful that actions and appearance are viewed by customers at all times.
  • Always be respectful, supportive, and flexible! While the customer may not always be right, it is important to be sympathetic to the fact that healthcare can be a scary and confusing enterprise for the typical patient. Building trust and a good rapport with them and their families can help ease anxieties and promote positive outcomes.
  • Always make customers the #1 priority! Their needs are the reason that healthcare exists and they should be served in a constructive and memorable way.
  • Be visible and communicate! It is vital that all staff members, including executives, properly introduce themselves to patients and show them that they matter. Take the time to educate them on the services, procedures, policies, and wait times that they may encounter. Surprises in healthcare are usually met with negativity so be as transparent as possible.


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