May the Productivity Be With You: How Hospitals Can Learn From Star Wars (Episode I)

In healthcare, productivity is crucial for managing labor costs and providing quality patient care. At ALTIUS, we offer benchmarking and operational improvement services to help hospitals work smarter, not harder. But what can we learn from a galaxy far, far away? The Star Wars universe provides valuable insight into technology, training, processes, and collaboration that can improve hospital productivity.  

By drawing lessons from Star Wars, healthcare organizations can explore innovative ways to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of care. Embracing new ideas and approaches is critical for the continued success of healthcare systems. Join us as we explore how the Force can guide us toward a more efficient and effective healthcare future. 


Like Star Wars, technology is not just sci-fi anymore; providing exceptional care is possible with the support of the right automation. The robotic amputee is an example of Star Wars tech to real-life tech. In 2019, researchers at Mobius Bionics and the University of Utah built a revolutionary prosthesis that artificially returns the sense of touch to the amputee. They fittingly named the prosthetic “Luke” as a nod to Mr. Luke Skywalker. 

While technology has significantly advanced healthcare treatments, hospitals can also use it to streamline their productivity and operations. Since the pandemic, healthcare tech has boomed with the need for advances in virtual care, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. AI and robotics are now making a splash in the healthcare industry to challenge the healthcare workforce crisis. While advanced technology like that featured in Star Wars sounds amazing, many hospitals and healthcare organizations would benefit from a little more straightforward and user-friendly innovations. 

Enter Catalyst, the ALTIUS online client portal that provides healthcare leaders with the tools and data to optimize their workforce and manage day-to-day staffing needs. 

With Catalyst, healthcare leaders can: 

  • Successfully manage daily operations.
  • Review volume and efficiency trends.
  • Connect with other leaders and evaluate future needs. 
  • Support critical decision-making regarding labor and hospital operations.
  • Promoting sustainable results through structured monitoring and greater accountability.
  • Manage data, customize reports within the portal, and/or export to Excel.
  • Populate staffing grids, daily monitoring tools, and forecasting applications for advanced productivity management.
  • Post questions and participate in discussions related to industry best practices. 
  • Access educational materials and receive updates on trending healthcare topics. 
  • Organize goals through a 30/60/90-day action planning platform.

While it may not be as progressive as a piece of technology from Star Wars, the ALTIUS Catalyst Client Portal provides users instant access to the resources they need to effect positive change. 


“In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way” – Yoda 

Jedi training is a rigorous and disciplined process, requiring years of study and practice. Younglings who show sensitivity to the Force are taken to the Jedi Temple, trained by experienced Jedi Masters. This intensive training involves physical conditioning, mental exercises, lightsaber combat instruction, and coaching in diplomacy and the ethics of the Jedi Order. 

As they progress, Padawans take on more challenging missions under the guidance of their Master until they are ready to face the ultimate test: the Trials. Those who pass the Trials become full-fledged Jedi Knights with the knowledge and skills to serve the galaxy and uphold the ideals of the Jedi Order.

Similarly, training hospital staff is essential for ensuring continued productivity and quality patient care. Healthcare professionals must be well-educated in their respective roles to deeply understand their responsibilities and the best practices for their field. This includes medical procedures and equipment knowledge, patient safety protocols, and communication skills. 

Proper training can help to reduce errors, improve patient outcomes, and increase staff morale. In addition, ongoing training and development opportunities can keep staff members up-to-date with the latest advances in healthcare and help them adapt to industry changes. Continuous education like the ALTIUS Virtual Training Academy can revitalize the workforce and positively impact an organization’s culture and retention. Ultimately, investing in the training of hospital staff can lead to a more efficient, effective, and compassionate healthcare system. 

At ALTIUS, we strive to achieve the Jedi master mindset and discipline in healthcare management. We use the Force (and some good old-fashioned hard work) to support client hospitals in their improvement efforts, providing realistic solutions that make a lasting impact. With our help, healthcare leaders can learn to wield the lightsaber of financial success and vanquish the dark side of inefficiency. 

Contact us today to start your organization’s journey toward greatness, and keep an eye open for Episode II of “How Hospitals Can Learn From Star Wars.” 

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