RandiLynn Lukac, Chief Operating Officer

RandiLynn Lukac

Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Lukac brings excellence in data analytics, project management, teambuilding and operational performance to her current position as COO at ALTIUS. RandiLynn facilitates all aspects of client engagements, from prospecting to contract execution and from data collection/assessment to project deliverables. Her interpersonal and managerial skills provide invaluable direction and support to the ALTIUS team. Ms. Lukac lends her productivity and benchmarking expertise to all Performance Improvement Initiatives, ensuring that realistic goals are established, meaningful recommendations are provided, and the desired outcomes are achieved.

RandiLynn began her tenure with the firm shortly after its inception and has helped to craft and evolve the many services presently offered. RandiLynn also applies her background in marketing and communications to expertly guide the vision of the firm as it continues to advance. In addition to her invaluable contribution to revenue-generating projects, Ms. Lukac is also responsible for overseeing and maintaining the internal operations of the firm. Her ability to recognize individual talent and appropriately delegate assignments has led to the professional growth of the ALTIUS team members as well as to the success of the firm at large.