Julienne Custer, Vice President, Development

Julienne Custer

Vice President, Development

Ms. Custer brings a diverse background to her position as Managing Director With ALTIUS. Her professional talents, which include data analysis, detailed reporting, communications, and project management, have enabled Julienneto successfully contribute to the firm’s Performance Improvement Services.Ms. Custer’s ardent focus on productivity and benchmarking has resulted in the continual advancement of all related products.

Julienne is responsible for overseeing project organization, execution, and progress tracking in order to streamline the overall management of each engagement, allowing team members to primarily focus on their individual roles.Ms. Custer manages and contributes to the completion of all project deliverables, ensuring that promised deadlines are met or exceeded. Most Importantly, Julienne functions as a liaison between the client and the ALTIUS team, promoting open communication and collaboration. In addition, Ms.Custer assists in the development of effective recommendations and actionable items that ultimately lead to lasting efficiency gains for each client organization.