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The Thanksgiving Holiday Offers a Time to Reflect and Give Thanks

The Thanksgiving Holiday Offers a Time to Reflect and Give Thanks

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday; the smell of turkey and stuffing wafting through the kitchen, pumpkin or pecan pie filling my belly, and the sense of complete satisfaction and relaxation after eating far too much food. More importantly, the day provides me with pause to reflect on all of the important people in my life, past and present, who have had a tremendous impact on defining who I am today. I imagine that most have similar thoughts of Thanksgiving. Since I have been working in the healthcare industry, this holiday has become even more meaningful. It has become an annual reminder of the need to express gratitude for the first-responders, healthcare providers, front line workers and care givers that support our emergency departments, ambulance squads, police departments, hospitals, urgent care centers, fire fighters, operating rooms and communities at large. This Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks and recognize the individuals that touch our lives daily through our local hospitals and healthcare systems:

EMS Drivers and Squads: Paramedics respond urgently to requests all hours of the day, often not realizing the intensity of the situation they may be encountering. When every second matters, their dedication saves lives.

Emergency Department Staff: From the doctors to the nurses, the emergency department staff encounter victims of all tragedies as well as everyday people in need. Tirelessly they fight to heal and treat all patients, regardless of circumstance.

Operating Room Nurses, Techs and Surgeons: When urgent situations emerge, the operating room staff performs complicated procedures to save lives. From transplants to traumas, the surgical teams endure long, stressful hours with complicated cases.

Nurses, Techs and Aides: Caring for the sick takes a special set of skills and certain disposition. These caregivers answer the call of all patient needs even when a diagnosis is unclear and the future is unknown. Their knowledge allows them to effectively treat all conditions while their strength of spirit creates a calm and comforting, healing environment.

Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants: Doctors and other care providers desire to improve and heal each person they treat. Their expertise and undying passion help patients and families to navigate through difficult times and deal with unprepared illness. 

From Pittsburgh where the Tree of Light tragedy is still fresh in all of our minds to California where raging wild fires have created mass devastation and left hundreds of families homeless to North Carolina where floods ravaged the state in the aftermath of one of the strongest hurricanes to ever make landfall, the need for heroes this year has been great. Don’t forget to take a minute and give thanks for all of the life savers and life changers that heal with their hands and lead with their hearts.


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