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Physician Practice Review

Retained physician practices and clinics are becoming an increasingly larger portion of hospital and health system margins. Altius offers organizations the ability to improve the operations of these provider-based entities so that positive revenue is generated and the needs of the community are adequately served. Our approach utilizes advanced metrics to review overall performance, including both providers and support staff. We collaborate with hospital, practice, and physician leaders to identify opportunities for change and develop solid action plans to achieve desired outcomes.

Our services focus on critical efficiency metrics related to support staff, providers, and leadership including:

  • Practice Governance
  • Operational efficiency/Productivity
  • Metric-driven compensation models
  • Practice financial performance
  • Intra-referral practice patterns
  • Market-based provider penetration and related opportunities
  • Performance review practices
  • Revenue Cycle optimization

Existing productivity models do not accurately reflect the evolving needs of hospitals that are expanding physician employment. In order to ensure quality of care and a positive patient experience, the ratio of physicians to support staff is closely examined. In addition, Altius considers the volume required for each practice to effectively operate, driving strong financial results and attractive margins. Our experienced team delivers optimum provider alignment with organizational goals as well as efficiency gains based on the specific needs of every practice and clinic. Through our extensive review of market demand and community needs, Altius also provides strategic recommendations focused on specialty service expansion and growth opportunities.