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Interim Management

Effective healthcare practice is often centered on planning for “what if” scenarios. Therefore, it is imperative that the management of this care delivery be approached in a similar manner. Without strong leadership, even the most routine functions can fail. In an industry where high quality is not only expected, but demanded, hospitals and health systems must be prepared to seamlessly handle any executive leadership change. Outside resources are often considered on a short-term basis when unexpected circumstances arise and/or there is no solid succession plan in place.
ALTIUS understands that putting the management of your organization in the “hands of a stranger” can be a terrifying prospect. That is why we work with you to identify and vet the appropriate candidate from our extensive network of experienced healthcare professionals to carry your organization through until a permanent solution is realized. Through our Interim Management services, your organization will benefit from both the leadership of the qualified executive appointed as well as the continued support of the ALTIUS team. Bridging a critical leadership gap no longer has to be a lone or tedious endeavor. ALTIUS provides the tools and assets necessary to elevate management.