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Financial Turnaround

Financial Turnaround

Altius offers practical solutions to improving performance, ensuring stability and achieving long-term success with its Turnaround Services. Whether the goal is to simply motivate and re-energize executives or realize a full-scale financial turnaround, our services optimize the potential of both the individual and the organization. By recognizing and capitalizing on the existing strengths, clients can forge creative, collaborative, high-performing, and enviable workplaces.

Strong leadership and smart decisions are fundamental to success. Altius guides organizations out of declining financial conditions by stabilizing current operations and implementing new or alternative betterment strategies. Since the strength of an organization is measured by the sum of its parts, it is therefore, critical to assess and understand the opportunities associated with all facets of its operation.

The Altius team reviews and develops recommendations for all areas including:

Supply Chain



Revenue Cycle

Contracted Services


Medical Staff

Clearly defined short- and long-term financial and operational goals are the keys to successful re-engineering. Once a clear path has been determined, proper management and facilitation guarantees organizations the ability to meet challenges and continue moving forward positively. Our experienced team of consultants serves as an accessible resource, guiding and supporting decision-makers in transforming their approach to leadership and offering a fresh perspective to rejuvenate the financial and operational outlook of the organization.