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Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessment

Altius consultants partner with our clients to gain a strong understanding of each organization’s cultural, operational and financial status. Through this collaboration, our team is able to develop recommendations, establish timelines and implement solutions that drive our client’s to the peak of performance. The ultimate goal of every Organizational Assessment is to increase margins, improve processes and maintain position as a strong competitor within the industry!

Through the Organizational Assessment, the Altius team appraises specific areas of the operational and financial processes including: Finance/Revenue Cycle, Supply Chain, Labor Management, Quality, and Market Share. Our consultants use their years of experience and expert knowledge of the industry to develop detailed recommendations by functional category, which then becomes the framework for success.

Assessment Categories

  • Financial
    • Revenue Cycle
    • GAP Analysis
    • Financial Indicator Analysis
  • Quality
    • Quality Comparisons
  • Labor Management
    • Key Performance Indicator Analysis
    • Cost Savings at Median, Better Performing and Best Practice Percentile Ranikings
    • High-level Span of Control
  • Supply Chain
    • GPO Review
    • Supply Cost Analysis
  • Market
    • Out-migration opportunities
    • Competitive Position Analysis

Altius consultants combine the proposed recommendations from each functional assessment category and prioritize opportunities. The team looks at heavy hitters as well as areas with immediate return, develops a realization schedule and implements action plans for the next 90 days. These specific action plans provide detail on each recommendation while assigning responsibility and holding leadership accountable for change.

Our goal with any Organizational Assessment is to raise our clients to heightened performance levels by improving processes, increasing margin and promoting sustainability in the ever changing healthcare landscape. This approach prepares our clients for the future by making necessary changes today that will elevate tomorrow’s performance.